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All The Colors Blend by Azure-Lugia5
All The Colors Blend
Credit for model and KiraKiraColors :P I was boreeeeed
Don't Leave Me Like This... by Azure-Lugia5
Don't Leave Me Like This...
Credit for the model. I'm bored until this Sunday so I'm doing MMD pictures to pass the time until then. Also I'm REEEEEEEEALLY Into ODDS&ENDS by Miku. The V3 English one is good too. And I found a bunch of new Miku songs I'm undoubtedly going to do pictures of. :P anyway, hope ya like it!
Katamari MMD: Sketching the Night by Azure-Lugia5
Katamari MMD: Sketching the Night
Yeah so credit for models, sketchbook and paper models. Credit to NAMCO for Katamari and BG is from Google. The Speech bubble reads: Look Prince! Look at all the pretty fireflies! I was having fun :3 Plus I've just recently gotten back into Katamari :P
ORAS: Our Adventures Await! by Azure-Lugia5
ORAS: Our Adventures Await!
Credit for models and background. This is another entry for :iconbusbyart: contest. Made in MMD and it took a while to make >.< again I will want AlphaSapphire if I win and I'm in the US. 



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Miku Hatsune
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Len :Smooch spin solo: by zenoxy :iconddrarrowleftplz: Me after eating lots of chocolate :3


Credit for ID Pic

 I had just bought a faded old copy of Pokémon Crystal at a garage sale the day that everything went wrong for me. I once had this particular version of Pokémon when I was little, but I lost it whenever my family and I moved out of our old house. I remember crying a lot whenever I had lost it. I mean, it was my childhood and I played the game a lot so of course it was a sad event for me to have lost something so precious. Anyway, after I bought the new game I drove straight home and I popped it into my old Gameboy SP. I didn’t bother to check the old save file before so I deleted it, I just wanted to start my game, and get back all of my favorite Pokémon pals that I had so dearly missed. The gameplay was just as I had remembered. I let the wonderful nostalgic feelings wash over me as I played my game. I had named my character Amy after my little sister that still lived with my mom and dad. I usually played the male counterparts in the Pokémon series, but this time I decided that I wanted to play the female character just because of how much I liked her design. Everything was as it should have been, until I went back to Ecruteak City, after I defeated the Elite Four. I remembered that I didn’t care much for this particular city whenever I played the game as a child, but something this time around, really didn’t seem right. The first thing I did when I got to the city was walk around its perimeter to see the whole thing again. After I finished scoping out the area I headed to the Pokécenter to heal up my team. I loved all of the Pokémon that I had, even if most of them stayed in my PC boxes. I know this may seem kind of childish of a nineteen year old, but sometimes I would talk to my game. This was usually to tell my Pokémon that they were doing a good job when we were battling, or that I loved them, or that they did well in a previous match, or even to tell the ones in my PC that I loved them even though they were usually kept in my PC most of the time. Silly, to say the least, I know. After healing them I checked their summaries. My starter was Chrono, my Totodile who was now an extremely powerful Feraligatr. The other Pokémon I had with me were: Magma the Houndoom, Raven the Umbreon, Sparky the Pikachu, Crystal the Suicune, and finally Slicer the Scizor. They were all my buddies and battling with them was so easy. Their levels ranged from 73 to 81, which was a pretty good range of levels for them. After healing them all up I left the Pokémon center and walked around the city once again. “Guys, something, something isn’t right here.” I said aloud to my game. The screen started to shake, as if an earthquake was upon us. I couldn’t control my character at this point. She walked all the way to the Burned Tower at the northernmost part of town and went inside. Whenever she entered the tower I gained control again. However, once I tried to exit a text box came up saying: Please...don’t leave us again. “Huh? What’s going on?” I said. “You left us for so long, we were...lost.” Lost? Wait...were my Pokémon telling me that they were lost whenever I lost my old game? “I’m so sorry...I didn’t mean to lose you guys. I was just a careless child back then! Please don’t be sad anymore.” My character’s overworld sprite started to move forward and through a wall, into the darkness. I stared at the horror that I saw once she had moved completely through the wall. The background was just solid black and there were sprites of my party Pokémon only they were opaque and bleeding. Chrono: “We were so terrible...we killed so many to relive the pain, but now we feel nothing but anger, anger towards you for losing us! Abandoning us! And neglecting all of them!” Suddenly sprites of all of my Pokémon that I had kept in my PC appeared. All of them were bleeding, had lost limbs, exposed bones, tearing flesh, or had organs coming out of their bodies. I felt ill and tried to shut off the game. “Somebody must have hacked it.” I thought. But whenever I flipped the power switch downward to turn off my system, nothing happened. I flipped it up and down repeatedly without success. “You won’t leave us again; you’ll always be with us, forever and ever. I tossed my game to the floor and ran into my living room to try and push the bad experience out of my head. It was working until I heard a loud screech from my Gameboy in the other room. I signed and slowly made my way back to where it was. I picked it up and screamed “JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! I loved you guys! I took care of you guys! And all you did was screw up my game and scare me to death!” Raven: “To death? Chrono: ”Well, we can make that a reality.” The screen went completely black and then a tiny sprite of a Feraligatr appeared. It grew larger and larger until it seemed to almost come out at me...and then came the thing that got me into the hospital that I now live in. The Feraligatr’s whole torso came out at me and roared fiercely. I screamed in terror and passed out on the floor of my room. I started to dream while I was unconscious and in my dream was a young boy sitting by himself. He was crying and he looked pitiful in this lonely little world of his. And then fear stuck my soul as I realized that the little boy was no ordinary kid, that little boy was me! I then heard a terrifying voice that overpowered all other sound. Chrono: ”Are you lost Lucas?” I was must’ve been me, my name is Lucas. Chrono: ”How does it feel? To be completely tossed aside in such an unfamiliar place that you’ve never seen before. To be left alone to rot and wither away in your own melancholy! In the darkness, in the cold, in the shadows! We were lost, Lucas! LOST! Now you can suffer the same fate!” Suddenly I woke up, bolting upright. I stood up and crushed my Gameboy with my foot and called my mother on my cellphone. I told her everything that happened and she agreed to come over to see me. It was about half an hour later that the doorbell rang, but when I answered the door two men escorted me to an odd black vehicle and shoved me in. I was yelling and screaming at them to let me go but no one responded to my pleas. We soon arrived at a building that was tall and ominous. They grabbed me and injected me with a large needle, and I was out cold. When I awoke again I was in a white, padded room all alone. “They thought I was crazy...but no, it all happened, all of it.” Now I spend my days in this room, lost forever in my own mind, locked away from the rest of the world. Sometimes I can hear Chrono’s voice echoing through my head and he says: Feeling Lost Lucas?

  • Mood: Longing
  • Listening to: Len Kagamine: The First Christmas, etc
  • Reading: The computer screen, and text messages
  • Watching: Christmas movies
  • Playing: Pokemon Y
  • Eating: Many things :3
  • Drinking: Hot cocoa

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