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I am taking Commissions!!
I would like to sell some art but I am not currently taking points, money only. Tell me what you would like through comment or note, but there are some limitations so here they are:

No Mature Content, I'm not selling that :p
I only draw anime-style
I will do these in color, unless you do want a black and white one, or grayscale, pencil sketch, etc.
I can also do pictures of anyone's OCs or personas if you want.
I can do character sheets, refs, just give me what you want on the sheet and the information, and a pic of the character.
I can design characters too if you guys want anything.

Pictures cost $8.00 it says 700 points, but I'm not doing point commissions at the moment, only real life money ones ^^;

Depending on what you want the price will be higher or lower. Also, if you have any questions or anything please feel free to talk to me, I'm not ALWAYS online but I'll always answer ASAP, I wanna make people happy with my artwork so don't be shy ^^


All of my favorite art that I've found here ^^


Awesome Songs by Kagamine Len


This is a list of awesome songs that Len Kagamine sings. Some of them he sings with Rin in but nevertheless they are on the list as well. I noticed that not many song lists were out there for Len that were actually decent. Usually I’ve seen lists that have only a select few songs and some aren’t even original Len songs. SOME of the ones in my list will be covers but if I’ll specify. Again this is only a list of good songs to listen to. They are in no particular order and I do not claim any of them. Credit for the songs goes to the respectful owners. Songs marked with a * mean that Rin sings in the song somewhere, whether it be a duet or just in the background. But yeah if I missed any good songs or you guys have suggestions as to some I should listen to that would be awesome ^^


 NEW!! ALCANO Len Kagamine feat. Rin


1.      Ah, it’s a Wonderful Cat’s life! Feat. 96 Neko

2.      AVTechNO! Feat. Len Kagamine- Mujitsu

3.      Birth

4.      FireFlower

5.      Gomibako [Recycle Bin]

6.      Dragon Rising feat GUMI

7.      Tell Your World (Cover)

8.      Akezorasakura

9.      Atonement and Repentance

10.  Blank

11.  Bringing the Rain

12.  Error of Love

13.  Gigantic O.T.N


15.  Mozaik Role (Cover)

16.  My Girl

17.  Paradichlorobenzene

18.  Piano

19.  PONPONPON (Cover)

20.  Sentimental Android

21.  Servant of Evil

22. Shota ShotaBurning Night!

23. Silk

24. The First Christmas

25. The Lost One’s Weeping (Cover)

26. Toluthin Antenna

27. Transmit

28. World is Mine (Cover)

29. Last Night, A Song About Len and the Stars

30. Astral Domination feat. Rin

31. Undefined

32. Nayuta no Kanata Made *

33. No Longer Human *

34. Twitter

35. Black Board


37. Rolling Boy (Rolling Girl Cover)

38. Sincerity Nature Drastic Measures of Ignorance *

39. Moons Song

40. Tsukema Tsukeru (Cover)

41. Graduation Photo

42. Streaming Heart

43. Hope (Cover)

44. Dark Symmetry

45. What Does the Fox Say? (Cover)

46. A Teacher, Detained (Detention Teacher)

47. Checkmate

48. Psychotic Love Song- Yandelenka

49. Fukkireta (Cover)

50. Fallin’ Down

51. Find The Blue

52. Shout!!

53. Deep-Sea City Underground (Cover)

54. <<<<<< (I just call this one Left Arrows cuz my computer won’t let me use that symbol is names >.<)

55. Banana Song

56. Cat Food (Cover)

57. Catastrophe Song

58. Clumsy Love Song

59. DECORATOR (Cover)

60. Gray

61. Hidden Shy Puberty

62. Ievan Polka (Cover)

63. Kurumi Ponchio (Cover)

64. Len’s Condensed Milk Paradise

65. Orange

66. Out of Eden

67. Outer Science

68.  Outlaw’s Heartbreak

69. Pitiful Pet Boy

70. PoPiPo (Cover)

71. Unhappy Refrain

72. Rain

73. Setsuna Trip Remix/Cover

74. SING&SMILE (Cover)

75. Song of Life

76. Sorairo

77. Soundless Voice

78. Splash Free!

79. The Classroom Bystander

80.  The Handmade Chocolate I Received Tastes Bad!

81. Tokyo Teddy Bear

82. Trembling Thunder

83. True Love Restraint

84. Tsunde Love Song

85. Ugly Guy Documentary

86. Undead Enemy (Cover)

87. WAVE

88. –ERROR

89. Meltdown (Cover)

90. Sacred Spear Explosion Boy

91. The Power of Science, Amazin’!

92. A Born Coward, Sharp Rock Arrange

93. Blue-Gene of No. 18

94. I’m Drowning in a Wave of Sadness

95. Imitator

96. Kojou

97. Misfit

98. Monochrome ∞ Blue Sky (Cover)

99. ODDS&ENDS (Cover)

100.                     Tapioca no Uta (Cover)

101.                     The Celestial Fox

102.                     Your Blue

103.                     GIFT

104.                     Abstract Nonsense (Cover)

105.                     Alice’s and My Wonderland

106.                     Falling Falling Snow

107.                     Hot Cocoa a Restless Night’s Song

108.                     +REVERSE

109.                     Sleeping Shadow

110.                     The Riddle Solver Who Can’t Solve Riddles

111.                     Tululila Talila Talula

112.                     DiscothequeLove

113.                     Lost Destination

114.                     Lynne

115.                     MURMUR

116.                     Night Walker

117.                     Ophelia

118.                     Strawberry Princess

119.                     Virgin Suicides

120.                     Zei Umekigoe (Delusion Tax) (Cover)

121.                     Bacterial Contamination (Cover)

122.                     +(Plus Boy)

123.                     Taketori Overnight Sensation *

124.                     Hello Again *

125.                     Kyun Koi *

126.                     Pinko Stick Luv * (Len just raps in this song but it’s super cute)

127.                     Bug-Eaten Psychedelic Rhythm *

128.                     World’s End Dancehall * (This one is actually hard to hear Len in)

129.                     Like, Dislike *

130.                     Electric Angel *

131.                     Magical Mirror *

132.                     Childish War *

133.                      Development of Amazing Apps *

134.                     Revolution *

135.                     Remote_Control *

136.                     Indulging_ Idol Syndrome *

137.                     YELLOW TRICK *

138.                     Radio CANDY *

139.                     World Domination How To *

140.                     Messiah or Desire

141.                     Return to Zero 6 Can’t Forget

142.                     Return to Zero 8 Cosmo in Eyes feat. Miku

143.                     Deep Sea Boy (Cover of Deep Sea Girl)

144.                     Two Faced Lovers (Shota Cover)

145.                     Delusion Sketch

146.                     Senbonzakura (Cover)

147.                     One-Sided Love

148.                     Cool Len’s Love Song

149.                     Fortune Diver

150.                     I=Fantasy (Cover)

151.                     Heart After the Rain

152.                     Tender Green

153.                     Simple and Clean (cover)

154.                     Dream Eater Monochrome Baku

155.                     Len Kagamine Just Being Annoying (No I don’t mean the video itself, just the song in the video)

156.                     Star Chips

157.                     Prisoner

158.                     A song Does Not Have the Form

159.                     I Can Take Off My Panties (Cover)

160.                     Len Len Ni Shite Ageru (Cover of Miku Miku Ni Shite Ageru)

161.                     Love is War (Cover)

162.                     Untitled Song (Sometimes Referred to as Nameless Song)

163.                     Mr. Taxi (Cover)

164.                     Sadistic Vampire

165.                     Ninjya Re Bang Bang (Cover)

166.                     Sound of Rain Alliance

167.                     Yasagu Love Song

168.                     Chilledren

169.                     POWER version of Paradichlorobenzene

170.                     Shota ShotaFever Miracle Tonight

171.                     Before Everything Ends

172.                     Mr. Music

173.                     Negative Positive Continues

174.                     Prince of Evil

175.                     Re_Birthday

176.                     8Hit *

177.                     Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder *

178.                     BadBye *

179.                     Ice Cream Love *

180.                     Karakuri Burst

181.                     Jabberwocky Jabberwocka

182.                     Heaven and Hell

183.                     The Runaway of Len Kagamine (Kagamine Len No Bousou)

184.                     New Millineum (Shinseiki)

185.                      Spice

186.                     Super Hero

187.                     Tsumugi Uta

188.                      BadEnd Night (Sang with other Vocaloids)

189.                     Trickery Casino

190.                     April Love (Best of Nem~)

191.                     Isabel (Best of Nem~)

192.                     GHOST *

193.                     (Some song that’s really beautiful but I have no idea what it’s called)

194.                     –LOST-




  • Listening to: Len K. Atonement and Repentance, Find the Blue
  • Reading: Texts on my phone, computer screen.
  • Watching: Death Note
  • Playing: Pokemon Y
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water as Usual


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Ashurii Yoshita
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I support LenXLen :3 LenxLen iconssss. by Aisuuu-nya

len icon by renjivsnejihmmm...len icon 50x50 by NyAppyMiku22-sweat drop- len icon 50x50 by NyAppyMiku22Len icon 50x50 2 by NyAppyMiku22:iconlen-kunplz::iconlenkagamineplz:
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Len :Smooch spin solo: by zenoxy :iconddrarrowleftplz: Me after eating lots of chocolate :3

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Credit for ID Pic (By: Rellie on ZeroChan)

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